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Custom Builds 

Yes.... we can pretty much build what you like! All we need is some ideas from you, and we will do our very best to design and create a unique feature which is perfect for your event!

So Far... we have built a Maze (See Below), DJ booths, Walls & Sound Proofing Barriers, what new ideas can you give us??

Gone Wild Festival, Powderham Castle 

Haybale Maze!

August 2023, using around 280 hay bales we created an interactive, educational & FUN maze on behalf of Nature Valley.

Being a height of 4 bales, it allowed the majority of adults and children to explore an authentic sized maze by not being able to look over the walls. Within the maze Nature Valley created spaces for individuals to learn about their products; from ingredient's origins to the natural processes involved in the product's production. 

All bales were securely put in place, which allowed for pushing and bumping without affecting the structure of the maze.

We may be bias but it looked fantastic!

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